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On wings
as eagles and angels …

A Dove is about to land 
on the outstretched  left hand 
of a female blond and winged Angel.

They who wait with patience
upon the Creator
will walk along the path
and not stumble upon the rocks…
they will run
to the four directions
and not grow weary
they will rise on wings as Eagles
and carry healing on wings … Screeching Bald Eagle ... as Angels.

Kihew Iskwew

Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar

May we live
in a world at peace
and the awareness of
the Creators love
in every sunset,
every flower's unfolding petals,
every baby's smile,
every lover's kiss,
and every wonderful, astonishing,
miraculous beat of our heart
as the miraculous beat
of wings of eagles, and angels.

Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar

On Wings as Eagles

An allegorical biography by
Barbara Milito-Smith

The life of the eagle begins in the nest, the same nest that is built upon year after year after year, by the same builder ... the creator of the eaglet, its parent.

Being a fierce parent, the adult eagle provides daily nourishment and protection for the eaglet, guarding it from predators, strong gales of wind, and other extremes in the eaglets’ environment.

Being a gentle, nurturing parent, the adult cares for the eaglet, keeping it warm, sheltering it under large wings, making the nest comfortable with gentle softness of bits of moss, soft grasses, and down, plucked from its own being.

Being a playful parent, the adult teases the young one, as they explore together the hidden joys of carefree spirits within the nest.

Being a wise parent, the adult carefully observes its young, drawing from lessons learned when she was young, her wisdom is her being as she guides and teaches her young through the stages of growth. She watches, she sees, she senses, as adult, a wise parent, and after much nurturing, protecting feeding, and playing, her spirit knows it is time to guide the eaglet to its next level of life. She sees that her precious young one is no longer being filled with the wonders and joys of exploring new experiences. The eaglet has become very comfortable in this nest of down and moss, and no longer seeks the pleasure of discovering new horizons. Wisdom sees what must be done. Soon, the soft, comfortable and warm nest that eaglet has become complacent in, is disturbed by Wisdom. The parent tears up the moss, shreds the down, pulls forth the branches, brambles and thorns that make up the body of the nest. Eaglet has no choice but to move further, and higher up the ledge of the nest to avoid the pain and discomfort of this sudden change. Confused, frightened, and angry, eaglet perches on the edge of the nest, looking at what was once a comfortable shelter to hide from the storms that sometimes raged, and the predators that hunted in the dark of the night ... and then the young one looked into the eyes of its parent, And KNEW.

With a gentle, but firm nudge, eaglet was pushed from her place of warmth and comfort, and tumbled over the edge of the nest, feeling the tug of the brambles as she fell, and losing a few of her little feathers along the way. Her heart beating fast in her chest she begins the plunge, spiraling, toppling, she descends into the cold and unknown depths of time and space. The terror and icy grip of fear has replaced the trust and knowing felt for one brief moment as she looked into the all-seeing golden eye of her parent.

Continuing her rapid descent through the unknown winds, buffeting, bruising, changing winds, she forgets the playful, protecting, nurturing, and wise parent who pushed her on her journey and forgets ... that she has wings. All she sees is the rush of sky … further and further away. All she feels is the gust of wind, tearing at her with an icy grip … and still, she forgets. Forgets her loving parent and the security of the nest her parent provided … the complete faith when looking into the golden eye of wisdom.

Suddenly, the rush of spiraling, falling, plunging ice winds slows … slows … slows, and slowly, gently, the first flight begins…

A Bald Eagle soars to the left, between dark wide spread wings 
stretching bald head and white tail. The text between her wings reads:
As the Eagle looks towards the earth, 
He knows he is king of the sky by birth.
That regal look he give his prey, 
As he lives to soar another day.

Yet not on her own wings, yet not strong enough to carry her alone on her journey, but on the current of wind, between her soft, vulnerable belly, and the strong, powerful, stalwart back and spirit wings … of her parent. Thus, her journey has begun. Many, many times this would be repeated until finally the eaglet understood the meaning of the words … “Wind beneath My Wings.

Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar

Like the spirit winds ...
some things ... arrive
in their own mysterious hour,
on their own terms and not ours,
to be seized … forever,
or relinquished … forever.

Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar

Random thoughts … quotes … from the nest.

The more sorrow one encounters,
the more joy one can contain.

From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Forget not that the earth delights
to feel your bare feet
and the winds long
to play with your hair.

Kahlil Gibran Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar

If I can stop one heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting dove
unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

The white bordered image shows at the left front a Native American with a bushy buffalo horn headgear sitting on a horse. He looks out to the right from a high place, over a wide landscape unfolding in misty air to a low horizon, a river low to his left. He shields his eyes from the low sun shining in from the left to watch an eagle soaring high above clouds towards the left. Three lines at the top left of the image read: 'There is a promised land. / You must travel a long road... / It is an endless search.' Bottom right: Jerome Bushyhead ©. Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar

The Track of the Sun
across the Sky
leaves its shining message,
Illuminating, Strengthening,
Warming, us who are here,
showing us we are not alone,
we are yet ALIVE!
And this fire… Our fire…
Shall not die!

Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar Tiny image, showing a gleaming salmon jumping to the left down in front of a dark background (or an opening shell or nut with a bright inside).
Bald Eagle's head looking East at Wolf ...... Wolf’s head looking West at Eagle.


Work written and compiled by

Kihew Iskwew

Edited and contributed to by Genwar

Native American Art - Beaded Decoration Bar
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